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Write Wiz

Write Wiz

  • Good handwriting is essential for a student whose writing should be legible and neat. A student whose handwriting is illegible and messy will find it difficult to score marks in the exam since the teachers will not be able to understand what he/she has written. Taking down notes during lectures and completing examinations within the allotted time requires speed as well as neatness. MVM offers handwriting classes in association with Rorito.


  • MIKIDS is an International Phonics based English Program. It comprises of an Interactive software with colourful & visually appealing characters which leads the child through a fun filled world of stories, songs, drama, rhymes and interactive games which are proven to stimulate and develop the child’s innate ability to develop the language skills.

  • It helps the child to become a fluent speaker & an independent reader.

  • Phonic skills rapidly transform children into confident readers who can understand, spell & read accurately and correctly.


  • RACE is an organization for communicative English Skill Development.

  • This Program helps the students to build trust and confidence within themselves and stay ahead of others in this competitive world.

  • This intensive English Language Program quickly teaches students from the basic to the advanced levels.

  • It is a concept based language training program to enhance the communication skills among young learners.